Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation (BOCCF)


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Since its establishment in 1984, the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation (BOCCF) main strategic aims are

  • to collect, preserve and disseminate primary sources related to the cultural and natural heritage of Cyprus, with a particular emphasis on the international promotion of the island's centuries-long Greek civilization and
  • to encourage, assist and materialize the research and study of Cypriot civilization in the fields of archeology, history, art and literature in keeping with the objectives originally delineated for Cultural Foundation.

BOCCF currently curates two important museums and keeps six Cyprological collections. One manner by which of BOCCF achieves its objectives is the publication of books and folios that pertain to archeology, history, art, literature and the environment. In addition to this, the BOCCF organizes exhibitions, lectures and scientific conferences devoted to these areas through its well-planned and efficiently executed yearly program. Moreover, in recent years the BOCCF has expanded its activities overseas, collaborating closely with major organizations and museums, both in Cyprus and abroad. Since its inception, it has held more than 55 exhibitions in Cyprus, in Greece and in a number of European cities and more than 100 scientific conferences in Cyprus while participating in many others abroad.

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