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ERGASIA EKPEDEFTIKI S.A. is a Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning Center at national range, offering extensive experience in providing training services and career & business counselling. Our Center is certified by the National Certification Agency for Qualifications and Career Guidance in Greece (former EKEPIS) and by ISO 9001:2008 for its qualitative services.

The company has trained - to date - more than 10,000 people across Greece, performing more than 2,000,000 man-hours of training programs in almost all business sectors (Tourism, Information Technology, Finance & Administration, Technical Professions, Manufacturing, Transportation, Health & Welfare, Agriculture professions, Environment, Pedagogic, and Culture & Sport).

ERGASIA EKPEDEFTIKI S.A. has a very wide network of partners, municipalities, NGO’s, Universities and research centers.

The objectives of our Center are:

  • The implementation of high quality training programs aimed at developing of Human Resources (unemployed, long-term unemployed, employees, self- employed)
  • The development of pioneering educational materials, tools and applications with emphasis on the development of methods on distance education (e- learning).
  • Linking training to the labour market
  • Support of SME's
  • Participation in European Projects for exchange of ideas, experience and know-how transfer.
  • Providing courses English for non-Greeks and Greek for foreigners in order to prepare them for the National Certificate of Language Proficiency

The main activities of ERGASIA EKPEDEFTIKI S.A. are services provided in the following areas:

  • Vocational training to unemployed, employees and self-employed.
  • Career Counselling and support to unemployed and employees on issues such as exploring career interests and skills, professional orientation, connection with the labour market.
  • Coordination, management and implementation of integrated projects and development programs related to Human Resources, Education & Youth Exchange in the context of national and European initiatives.
  • Business Consultation & Mentoring
  • Studies and Research on Human Resources and Local Development.
  • Support businesses in getting funding from national/and or EU initiatives.
  • Certified English and Greek language courses for non-Greeks

Our company is always open to create and develop innovative methods for SMEs to be more productive and competitive. Is our attitude that staff and workers mobility will let people improve their skills, being more proactive and help their company to continuesly growth, improve and gain an added value. For this reason, we create training seminars for SMEs staff with a variety of cources (such as new market needs, financial rules, IT skills improvement, new marketing approaches etc).

Our cooperation with a variety of Chambers of Commerce & Industry in Greece & around Europe as well as with Trade Unions, Associations of Handicrafts and Womens Associations, give as the opportunity to propose them and create for them new funding opportunities, increasing the possibilities for new investments, further development and access to cross-border investment. 

Additionaly, we support the idea of new Start-Up companies, as we believe that new innovative ideas would be only implemented via this type of entrerpreneship. In this way, we are always trying to bring them together with large-scale companies, aiming to exchange new and good practices and methods, improving their capacity and strengthening their access to public markets.

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