"Train the Trainers" Session - Day 2

Day 2 of the Train the Trainers Session. 

The representative from Ergasia SA present the:

O2 Alternative pedagogical methodology and “Train the Trainers” Guidebook - A2 Development of the guidebook with alternative training practices

  • About the toolkit
    • Purpose and aim of the guidebook
    • The context and structure
    • How to use the guidebook
    • Target Groups
  • Smart Culture Learning Process and its outcomes
    • Smart Culture concept approach
      • Smart Culture in the field of fine arts
      • Smart Culture in digital era in relation to European Cultural Identity
    • Intercultural communication and cultural diversity
    • The need of continuing trainer’s professional development in fine arts
    • Learning opportunities and outcomes

The representative of the IPF Consilting, Spain present the Course 1 of the Training Content -

The Idea of Smart Culture

  • Smart Culture in the field of Fine Arts and European Cultural identity
  • Digitization and online accessibility of cultural material

The participants gave their feedback and discussion followed. 



Tue Sep 15, 2020


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