"Train the Trainers" Session - Day 3

Day 3 of the Train the Trainers Session. 

The representative of the IPF Consilting, Spain present:

  • Importance of VET in Fine Arts 
  • Experiential Learning 
  • The benefits of Experiential Learning 

O2 Alternative pedagogical methodology and “Train the Trainers” Guidebook - A2 Development of the guidebook with alternative training practices

  • Quality of Non-Formal Education and gained competences
    • Relevance of non-formal education for trainers, for trainees and for society
    • Key competencies of trainers and trainees 
      • Importance of transversal key competences 
      • Importance of cultural awareness
      • Importance of safeguarding cultural diversity 
    • Increasing democratic resilience 
    • Increasing critical artistics expression of young people 
    • Focus on creativity and innovation 
  • Learning objectives of Experiential Learning 
    • Exoeriential Learning Theory
      • Experiential Learning Guidelines and essentials 
      • Checkpoints and recommendations 
    • Reducing youth unemployment by improving arts and cultural education 
    • Identifying needs of young VET Fine Art Students 
    • Identifying needs of young Art Professionals 
    • Paying attention to educational and training needs of the specific sector 
    • Developing cross-broaded experiential learning activities 

The representative of the IPF Consilting, Spain present:

  • the O3/A2 - Lexicon and ideas how to use the lexicon for educational purposes. 
  • Training Content - Course 3: Soft Skills 
    • Communication Skills 
    • Problem Solving Skills
    • Team Work Skills
    • Improving my creative and innovative thinking skills
    • Finding my inner voice as a critical artist

The participants gave their feedback and discussion followed. 



Wed Sep 16, 2020


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