"Train the Trainers" Session - Day 4

Day 4 of the Train the Trainers Session. 

The representative from Ergasia SA present the:

O2 Alternative pedagogical methodology and “Train the Trainers” Guidebook - A2 Development of the guidebook with alternative training practices

  • Methods and Activities 
    • Alternative Pedagogical Methodology 
    • Training Practices for trainers
    • Selected Methods and Activities 
    • Universal guidelines for training of Art in VET
  • Experimenting with Learning Zones 
    • Developing a cultural map with common points
    • Demonstration of the gained knowledge by sharing ideas
    • The benefits of experiential learning and concept of Smart Culture

The representative of the IPF Consilting, Spain present:

  • Training Content - Course 2: Technical Skills 
    • ICT use Skills 
    • Graphic Design Skills
    • Data protection and copyrights 
  • Training Content - Course 4: Entrepreuneruship Skills
  • Training Content - Course 5: How to create my Europass CV and Language Passport 

The participants gave their feedback and discussion followed. 



Thu Sep 17, 2020


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