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The project entitled “InArt2DiverCity: Introducing Cultural Diversity of European Cities to Youth” was launched on 15th September 2018 and will be concluded on 14th September 2020. InART2DiverCity project aims to develop new and effective approaches, methods and materials to introduce / reinforce European Cultural Heritage and Intercultural learning, with the view to enhance the skills and employability of young adults (age group 18-30) in the creative sectors as well as the professional skills of trainers.

The project proposes the development of Alternative Pedagogical Methodology and Training practices to train the teachers, the development of training seminars for VET students and the creative application and pilot testing for the re-use of the cultural heritage. The direct target groups are: young adults in the age of 18-30 who are in vocational education center studying for professions which are directly affected by Fine Arts and Fine Arts Trainers who will have to train-the-trainers of VET centers on Culture Diversity of the participating countries.

The InART2DiverCity project is planned in a way to create the conditions for adult young people, who are studying in Vocational Education and Training, to participate to alternative pedagogical methodology focused in the artistic expression. Moreover, culturally teaching activities in the framework of “train-the-trainer”, namely train the VET center professors on adopting a multicultural pedagogical methodology, will improve the performance of students with limited arts knowledge.

Experts from Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy and Slovenia form the consortium of the project, with the European Office of Cyprus (Cyprus) being the Coordinator and Ergasia Ekpedeftiki SA (Greece), the Bank of Cyprus Culture Foundation (Cyprus), the ComeUnaMarea (Italy), the IPF International (Spain) and the RIS Dvorec Rakican (Slovenia) being the partner institutions.
The kick-off meeting took place in Nicosia, Cyprus on 3rd and 4th of October 2018.

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