Smart Culture

The idea of “Smart Culture” is based on providing sustainable access to cultural heritage to a wider range of users through the use of digital technologies. That consequently increases the visibility and accessibility of heritage collections and sites.

Digitalisation gives access to cultural heritage to all interested individuals and also protects actual historical artefacts and art works from being too exposed.

“Cultural identity and unity amid the diversity of national cultures does not amount to the simple indefinite expansion of an original cultural core. I see Europe’s cultural identity as a tightly woven fabric. This fabric consists on the one hand of a warp thread carefully stretched, which corresponds to the many strong national cultures, which themselves have their own identity and find their origins in a distant past; on the other hand, there is the weft thread, which represents the interwoven transnational bedazzlement and admiration, the reciprocal influences crossing the frontiers between cultures and between languages. I imagine this literary, artistic, linguistic, European cultural fabric as drawing its beauty, its unity and its solidity from the sheer number and diversity of its threads.”

- Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the ECB CFS Presidential Lecture Center for Financial Studies Frankfurt, 16 March 2009

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