Experiential Learning

The aspired result of this learning process is the creation of a methodology which can produce knowledge. The alternative pedagogical methodology will be based on Experiential Learning theory which can also help in developing skills for teachers based on their observations.

A set of new skills will be developed that will enhance competency, supporting different needs and background and learning time. A new focus on creativity in relation to its importance in innovation and cultural education in relation to both individual identity and promoting intercultural understanding will be enhanced in the proposed training activities, in order to enable arts and culture curriculum to fulfill the diverse and wide-ranging aims.

In the context of this project, experiential learning will utilize learning from experience and learning by doing to immerse trainers in “an experience and then encourage reflection about the experience to develop new skills, new attitudes or new ways of thinking”.

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Guidebook with Alternative Training Practices

Proposing the development of Alternative Pedagogical Methodologies and Training Practices to train teachers, the project seeks to enhance training seminars for Vocational Education and Training (VET) students, as well as creative applications and pilot testing for the regeneration of cultural heritage.

Based on the Alternative Pedagogical Methodology research, conducted within the InArt2Diverscity project, the present guidebook intends to work as a set of universal guidelines for vocational training in Art sector, with examples of good practices in VET education in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Slovenia while at the focus it will hold the advancement of cultural awareness and safeguard diversity.

To comply with the understanding of Art trainers, the guidebook is tailored made for the needs of this VET sector and developed around the techniques and methods based on the principles of art and design, employing language devices from the art sector.

Although alternative pedagogical methodology and the ‘Train the Trainers’ guidebook refers to Fine Arts trainers, it can be transferred to educators and practitioners of different disciplines, as well as to other cultural professionals, who will be given the opportunity to enhance their pedagogical capabilities, developing the skills needed for efficient interaction and cooperation

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PowerPoint Presentations - Output 1 / Activity 2: Development of the Guidebook with Alternative Training Practices

Chapter 1: About the Toolkit and Chapter 2: Smart Culture: Learning Process & its Outcomes - Click here

Chapter 3: Quality of Non-Formal Education & Gained Competences and Chapter 4: Learning Objectives of Experiential Learning - Click here

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