E1 - Dissemination Event and Pilot Activity in Cyprus

The Multiplier Events are important to disseminate to the partner countries the results of the project, namely the Alternative pedagogical methodology and “Train the Trainers” Guidebook (IO2), InART2DiverCity Training Programme and the Lexicon (IO3) and the InART2DiverCity web-platform (IO4).

To conclude the InArt2DiverCity project, 5 successful Multiplier Events were organised in Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Italy and Sklovenia, in order to promote the InArt2DiverCity project and its results to the public and to target groups (adults in the age are 18-30 in vocational education centers studying for professions which are directly affected by Fine Arts (like Graphic designers, multimedia programmers, fashion designers, Economics and Management in the Field of Culture Executives, Associate professionals in Artistic Studies and Applied Arts; and  Fine Arts Trainers who will have to train-the-trainers of VET centers on Cultural Diversity of the participating countries) 

Due to the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, the Multiplier Event in Cyprus happened online, on Wednesday 10 March 2021. A total of 58 participants attended from different fields. During the event, the project results presented. The participants discussed about the funding oppotunities for Culture and Creative Professionals and the InArt2DiverCity Communite. 


Wed Mar 10, 2021


via MS Teams

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