E3 - Dissemination Event and Pilot Activity in Italy

One hybrid Multiplier Event (both physical and online) was organised on March 11 by P4 in the comic academy “GRAFIMATED CARTOON s.c.arl.”, located in Via G. De Spuches, 6, Palermo (Italy).
Meeting started at 9:00 and ended at 13:00, with a 15 minutes coffee break at 11:00
8 students participated live, 64 participated online from the academy learning platform.

Concetta Bruno and Martina Oddo was introduced to students by the academy responsible Mr. Salvatore Di Marco
Than Concetta and Martina showed a slideshow following this program:

  • General presentation of the InArt2DiverCity Project
  • The students was invited to register on the InArt2DiverCity portal to better follow the slideshow.
  • The importance of professional training in fine arts and experiential learning
  • Presentation of the research and analysis of the report on training and educational needs
  • Presentation of the Guidebook and the Alternative Pedagogical Methodologies
  • Presentation of the Lexicon and related interactive games
  • Training program
  • Soft Skills, Technical Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills and how to create your Europass CV

At the end of the slideshow, discussion on the covered topics was encouraged. Students were invited to join the pilot group and the online community, as well as to send personal contributions to enrich the platform and increase their visibility as artists.


Thu Mar 11, 2021


Comic Academy “GRAFIMATED CARTOON s.c.arl.”, located in Via G. De Spuches, 6, Palermo

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