The InArt2DiverCity project proposes to the development of an Alternative Pedagogical Methodology & Training practices to train the teachers, the development of training seminars for VET students and the creative applications and pilot testing for the re-use of the cultural heritage.

The InArt2DiverCity project will:

  • create the conditions for adult young people to participate to Pedagogical Methodology focused in the artistic expression.
  • improve the performance of students with limited arts knowledge.
  • help young artists to live unique experiences beyond their communities.
  • help students find their cultural identity and acquire more knowledge about cultural diversity.

The main target groups the project are young adults in the age of 18-30 who are in vocational education centers studying for professions which are directly affected by Fine Arts and Fine Arts Trainers who will have to train-the-trainers of VET centers on Cultural Diversity of the participating countries.

The expected results during the life of the project:

  • analysis report in each one of the participating countries and consolidated report with the educational and training needs of the specific sector.
  • development of alternative pedagogical methodology based on Experiental Learning theory and ‘’Train the Trainers’’ Guidebook.
  • development of the InArt2DiverCity Training creation for young art students and of a lexicon, not only as secondary teaching material but also as a source of information for the public.
  • creation of a web-platform for e-learning courses and e-learning contents.

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